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Plastic Cup Harm
- Mar 01, 2018 -

Plastic cups are a large amount of material used, especially for the manufacture of bottles, space cups and so on. In recent years, the bottle has been controversial because it contains bisphenol A. Experts point out that, in theory, as long as the process of making plastic cups, bisphenol A hundred percent into plastic structure, it means that the product is no bisphenol A, let alone release. However, if a small amount of bisphenol A is not converted into a plastic cup plastic structure, it may be released into the food or drink. The residual bisphenol A in the plastic cup, the higher the temperature, the more the release, the faster the speed. Therefore, the PC water bottle should not be hot water. If the container has any falls or damage, it is recommended to stop using, because the surface of plastic products if there are subtle pit, easy to hide bacteria. Avoid repeated use of already aging plastic appliances.