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Paper Cups Made Of Materials
- Dec 30, 2018 -

Disposable paper cups Currently available on the market and generally customized advertising paper cups are basically PE coated paper, which is covered with a layer of food-grade PE film. The function of the film is to make the paper cup watertight, and in the production of paper cups. Molding works. As for the waxed paper cups circulating on the Internet, the paper cup factory has never been used. It has not been used by other paper cup factories. After talking about the PE film of PE coated paper, we are talking about the most important raw material for disposable paper cups, the base paper. At present, China's main paper cup base paper is made in China, and a small amount is imported. With the continuous improvement of the paper mill's production process, the current domestic paper cup paper is basically the same as the imported paper cup base paper. At present, the domestic mainstream paper cup base paper manufacturers include Guangxi Southwest Sugar, Shandong Sun, Shandong Dadi, Shandong Chenming, Anhui Lu'an and other large paper enterprises. The shipments of these large manufacturers should already occupy 90 of the current disposable paper cup production paper. More than % of the market, among which the sugarcane fibril raw paddle paper produced by Guangxi Southwest Sugar has the largest market. The sugarcane fibril paper cup paper is famous for its high stiffness. The disadvantage of the disposable paper cup base paper is that the paper is not enough white. The disposable paper cups produced by Shandong Sun, Shandong Dadi and Shandong Chenming are generally mainly produced from raw wood pulp. The surface of the product is smoother than that of sugarcane paper, but the cost of paper is higher. The paper cup paper produced by Lu'an, Anhui Province is mainly produced by local reed pulp. The surface of the paper is relatively smooth and the whiteness is also good. The disadvantage is that the paper cup base paper has no high stiffness of the sugar cane pulp base paper. The paper production plant of the general paper cup is not responsible for the film coating. There is a special laminating factory to cut and coat the paper base paper.

Regarding the use of disposable paper cups, it is not environmentally friendly. We mainly recommend that customers choose the raw paper production of sugar cane fiber and reed pulp. The raw paper is environmentally safe and safe. It can be produced at a very fast speed and can be degraded. For the mainstream products of the market.