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Is The Disposable Cups An Environmentally Friendly Product?
- Mar 01, 2018 -

Disposable paper cups in our life is now quite common, but also for a one-time paper cup, a mention of it all instinctively think of the same shape, cylindrical, flat, wide mouth. In this new era of life, the production of disposable paper cups a lot of manufacturers, with the arrival of paper cups, the competitiveness is also growing.

In our daily life, often come into contact with a variety of styles of paper cups, which many of them printed with more patterns of advertising disposable paper cups. One-time paper cup factory as a new type of publicity model, in a variety of different enterprises have applications. Through a variety of design patterns, printed in the paper cup, not only to bring a good mood to the drinkers, but also on the enterprise to play a very good publicity.