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How To Get Rid Of Plastic Cups?
- Mar 01, 2018 -

1, baking soda to taste: poured into the cup, such as hot water, add baking soda, shaking, pour a few minutes after the setting, odor scale were removed.

2, Toothpaste to taste: Toothpaste can not only remove the oral odor to clean the teeth, you can remove the smell in the cup, with a toothpaste to clean the cup again, the odor disappeared immediately.

3, salt to taste: Preparation of salt water, poured into a cup, placed for a while shaking, and then rinsed with water.

4, boiled to taste: You can put the cup into the tea boiled for 5 minutes, then clean with water and then drying, no smell.

5, milk to taste: pour half a cup of warm water into the cup, then pour a few tablespoons of milk, shake, place a few minutes after the pour, and then wash with water to clear the odor. Copyright poly network

6, orange peel to taste: first with the detergent to clean the cup, and then the fresh orange peel into the cup, tighten the lid, place about four hours, and finally the cup can be cleaned. Orange skin can also be replaced by lemon, the method is the same.