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Disposable Paper Cups With Hot Water Is Easy To Cause Cancer, You Dare To Drink It?
- Mar 01, 2018 -

Disposable paper cups currently on the market are mainly divided into three types:

One is made of white cardboard, mainly used to hold things, can not hold water and oil.

The second is a waxed paper cup, which is water-resistant and thick because it is soaked in wax, but wax melts as long as the temperature of the water contained in the glass exceeds 40 ° C, and the wax contains the carcinogenic PAHs.

The third is now commonly used in paper and plastic cups, the outside is a layer of paper, which is a layer of coated paper, if the production of the selected material is not good or the processing of customs, however, will produce harmful substances. In addition, some paper cup manufacturers in order to make the cup look more white, adding a lot of fluorescent whitening agents, these harmful substances once into the human body, will become a potential carcinogenic factors.

Many people think that one-time paper cups can not be hot water, can not make tea, brewed coffee. Some experts said that the regular manufacturer of polypropylene coated paper cups do not exist this problem. Polypropylene itself is non-toxic, high temperature tolerance and high purity, almost no chemical additives. However, some unscrupulous businessmen use inferior polyethylene material, this paper cup into hot water, there will be a smell, long-term use is detrimental to health.

When buying disposable cups, first of all, to understand the scope of paper cups, is suitable for loading cold drinks or hot drinks. Second, we must carefully check the packaging label is marked with the "product performance standards, production date, shelf life, health permits," and other national regulations must be marked, if the logo is not marked or not standardized, then such a paper cup is best not to buy . Again, to choose the cup body stiffness better paper cup, try to choose the cup wall thick, stiff paper cup, the choice of paper cups, the hands can be squeezed gently on both sides of the cup, cup body can roughly know the stiffness of good or bad . Finally, the color of the paper cup is best not to choose, it may add chemicals such as fluorescent agents.