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Did You Notice These Points When Using These Four Types Of Cups?
- Dec 27, 2018 -

The cup is the cup used to hold water when we drink water in our daily life. People need to add water every day, so water and cups are closely related to our life, but do everyone pay attention to the cup when drinking water? Do you understand them? The following small series will take you to some of the places to pay attention to in daily use of paper cups and cups of various materials.
1, multicolored water cup

Although colorful cups are attractive, it's best not to use them. Because there are huge hidden dangers in those bright pigments, especially when the inner wall is coated with glaze, when the cup is filled with boiling water or acid or alkaline beverage, the toxic heavy metal elements such as lead in these pigments are easily dissolved in the liquid. People who drink liquids with chemicals can cause harm to the human body.

2, metal material cup

Metal cups, such as stainless steel, are more expensive than ceramic cups. The metal element contained in the enamel cup composition is generally stable under normal conditions, but it may be dissolved in an acidic environment, and it is not safe to drink acidic drinks such as coffee or orange juice.

3, plastic cup

Due to the production of many plastic cups, various plasticizers are added, resulting in some toxic chemicals in the cup. When hot water or boiling water is used in plastic cups, toxic chemicals are easily diluted into water, and the internal microstructure of the plastic has many pores, which hide the dirt, and it is easy to kill bacteria when it is not cleaned. Therefore, when purchasing plastic cups, be sure to choose a cup made of food grade plastic that meets national standards.

4, inferior paper cup

There are two main types of paper cups sold on the market: plain paper cups and advertising paper cups, which are hygienic and convenient as many cups appear. However, if the quality of the product is not strictly controlled, it is easy to cause harm to our body. Some unqualified paper cup manufacturers added a large amount of fluorescent whitening agent to make the cup look whiter. This kind of fluorescent substance can cause the cells to mutate and become a potential carcinogenic factor once they enter the human body. The quality of the paper cups we produce in Yongquan is strictly controlled, because we put your health first.
Are these types of cups the most used in our daily lives? The answer is yes, so Xiao Bian reminds everyone that special attention should be paid to the choice of cups because they are related to our health. Of course, as long as the production quality of paper cups is strictly controlled, in line with food-grade material certification standards, and we also carry out timely cleaning and disinfection, these hidden dangers can be overcome.