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Which is more eco-friendly, Styrofoam or paper cups
- May 30, 2018 -

This is actually a great question, as it can open up different avenues of ecology discussion, and since both products are not very eco-friendly to start with, we begin behind the eight-ball here.

Materials: Paper much more favorable as a decompositional element. Styrofoam actually considered a hazmat, since it is toxic when ignited, and doesnt break down in mother soil.

A Better Eco Option: Re-useable Containers of natural, non-toxic composition, of course. I had to introduce this, as being the better eco-option of the three. okay back to the discussion.

A Better Paper: if paper is made from hemp, daphne bush, papyrus, and dozens of other more sustainable sources, it is actually a favorable material to use for a cup. Then, a paper cup becomes a welcomed ingredient in composts, as opposed to merely a tolerated presence because everyone seems to be using wasteful, throwaway products which must be disposed of properly.

A Better Styrofoam: styrofoam is now slowly being replaced with mycelial or fungus-body material, which is grown and shaped right into molds and packaging which previously was reserved for polystyrene-styrofoam. Cups? should be next... But these are new developments which should be encouraged wildly.

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