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What type of raw material is used for paper cups
- May 30, 2018 -

Looking for disposable papers cups for you upcoming marketing event but don’t know what kind of disposable paper cup is right for your business? Here are the kinds of paper cups you can choose from.

Air Pocket Insulated

The design eliminates the need for a coffee sleeve or a double cup to keep the hands from burning from holding a hot drink. The air pocket insulated paper cup keeps your favorite drinks warm. The cups are designed with an inner and outer sheet. The layer of air to boost insulation separates these sheets.


This cup is also good for hot and cold drinks, coated with a type of polymer to boost insulation and reduce leaks. The coating could come in single or double layers, offering different levels of rigidity according to your needs. This cup keeps liquid inside the cup and protect outside of the cup from weakening due to condensation or sweating.


These paper cups are made from renewable sources, made of 100% compostable materials and are either poly-coated or paper lined with sturdy PLA shells. These paper cups are also heat resistant and leak proof for worry-free drinking and very eco-friendly.


Want to customise your paper cups for your business but struggling what kind of design is perfect for your brand? Try to get an idea and inspiration from these.

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