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What kind of paper cup is the best?
- Mar 01, 2018 -

Now eat or drink outside, more and more people like to use disposable paper cups, sometimes, the paper cup is really convenient for our lives, but many people are not too much to consider the issue of soy milk cups, the network spread , Often with a one-time paper cup to drink water will be sick, then the safety of disposable paper cup in the end is how it? Although the country has implemented a new standard in June 2012, the special material for paper cups is difficult to control in some respects. So the problem is still a lot of paper cups exist.

One-time paper cups are the largest user base in the unit, or a variety of drinks shop inside. All paper cups should have QS production standards, so when you buy paper cups need to see clearly, and production information need to accurately show that the production of the manufacturer, the date of production and other information is necessary to have.

Many of the units are custom paper cups, in the customization of the paper cup, often in the paper cup surface design a lot of very beautiful with the expression of the picture, but according to the analysis of these colored pigments are harmful to the human body The Therefore, the less the better the pattern, especially in the part of the contact is the group number without any pigment.

Long net paper cups in the production process, in strict accordance with national production standards, for cashmere milk customers, it is worth to use. The thickness of the cup is not leaking. Deformation and other issues. And, the use of disposable paper cups when it is best to use the first blisters about, about 4,5 minutes after the way you can rest assured that the use of the!