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The harm of plastic bags
- Mar 01, 2018 -

1. affect agricultural development

Waste plastic products mixed in the soil continue to accumulate, will affect the crop to absorb nutrients and water, resulting in crop production.

2. pose a threat to animal survival

The waste plastic products that are discarded on land or in water are swallowed by animals as food, causing the animals to die. Last year, Qinghai Lake has 20 herdsmen a total of nearly a thousand sheep so death, economic losses of about 30 million. Sheep like to eat plastic bags wrapped in oily residue, but often even eat together with plastic bags, and because of the plastic for a long time to stay in the stomach is difficult to digest, the sheep's stomach was packed, no longer eat Things, and finally can only be starved to death. Such things in the zoo, pastoral areas, rural areas, the ocean is not uncommon.

3. Waste plastic with garbage difficult to deal with

Waste plastics with landfill will not only take up a lot of land, and the occupied land for a long time can not be restored, affecting the sustainable use of land. Into the garbage of waste plastic products if it is landfill, 200 years to be able to degradation. Moreover, the plastic bags to oil as raw materials, not only consume a lot of resources, can not be broken down, buried in the ground will pollute the land, rivers.