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Simple style may affect the advertising paper cup market
- Jan 16, 2019 -

In the past, when you were engaged in activities on many occasions, you often presented a variety of advertising paper cups. Every time there are a lot of consumers participating in the event, and those received paper cup products are printed with a variety of graphic ads. However, at present, a simple style has quickly changed the north and south of the motherland, and I will follow up with Xiaobian.
Since China officially implemented the new specification for paper cup production, consumers began to discourage such advertising paper cups with a large number of patterns. However, the implementation of the new and old paper cup printing specifications does not immediately lead to the replacement of the paper cup industry products. There are still a lot of unsalable advertising paper cups in the market, and this type of paper cup will gradually become a "failed product" under the new standard.
With the implementation of new regulations in the industry today, the production of many paper cups has begun to enter a new formal, and the printing of advertising paper cups has begun to move toward "simple" style. This has certain restrictions on many companies that want to use advertising to promote their brands. For many companies with traditional printing custom habits, only by communicating with them in detail, in order to accept new industry design standards. The transformation of production habits in the industry will definitely have an impact on the development of the entire industry. But as the new standard time is implemented, everyone will slowly accept this new model. When customizing the advertising paper cup products, the design of the product will also pay more attention to make it more reasonable. I believe that in the future, the "simple" style will also be applied in advertising paper cups, and the mass consumers will also develop a new usage habit.