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Plastic cups are packaged in paper cups for easy purchase and consumption by buyers
- Jan 30, 2019 -

Plastic cups are packaged in paper cups for easy purchase and consumption by the purchaser. This packaged soy milk is usually consumed within four hours. After the large-scale production of soybean milk, the characteristics of easy deterioration, whether it is UHT sterilized soy milk or fresh soy milk, have imposed strict quality requirements on packaging, and its packaging form has also been greatly improved.

The packaging forms of the products in the soymilk are mainly plastic (single layer) bags, self-supporting bags, Baili (composite plastic) packaging, plastic cups such as PET, PP plastic cups, fresh houses, Tetra Pak, cans, etc. The packaging has novel appearance, beautiful visual image, easy to carry and drink, meets the needs of people to drink, and the shelf life will be extended, effectively guarantee the quality of products, and promote the prosperity and development of the soy milk consumption market.

Affect the taste of the tea soup. If it is Longjing, it is brewed with transparent glass without a flower, so that it is easy to appreciate the stretch of the leaves, the process of flying and the clear green color of the tea. The brewing of Longjing is not available with boiling water. When you are at home, first use a hot water warm cup, wait for the boiling water to dry for a while, then start making tea. Don't fill the water once, first inject about a quarter, just enough to infiltrate the tea, wait for the dry tea to absorb water. After stretching, there is a scent, and then water is poured from a height. (When there are guests, pull up and down three times, that is, the phoenix three nods, it seems respectful), so that the tea can be flipped in the cup. It is also good to use the porcelain cover bowl, especially It is easy to smell. If it is two or three people who have tea together, they can be used to make a cup and soak them in a small cup.
In the plastic packaging industry, there are fewer large enterprises and state-owned enterprises, and there are many private enterprises. The overall scale of the industry is small, and at the same time, it faces the market intrusion of many foreign brands. For example, the German SCHOTT Group has entered the Chinese market with its strong technical and economic strength. During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, China's plastic packaging industry needs to be integrated. Through large-scale enterprises and joint ventures through various means such as joint ventures, acquisitions, and mergers, the industry will be promoted to develop healthily.