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Paper cup processing knowledge
- Jan 12, 2019 -

Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to the introduction of paper bowl processing knowledge, please see below:

Paper cups, paper bowls, paper buckets:

A. Unit of measure: commonly used ounces (OZ) and milliliters (cc, ml) to measure the size of the capacity;
B. According to the size of the caliber and domestic habits, it is divided into paper cups, paper bowls and paper barrels;

raw material:

A. PE coated paper: paper for paper cups, paper bowls, paper drums, paper lunch boxes, etc.

B. PE: polyethylene;

C. PE coating: It is a layer of PE (polyethylene) film coated on the paper with a laminating machine (film laminating machine);

D. Single-sided PE coated paper: Only one side of the paper with PE coating is called single-sided PE coated paper. The common paper cups in China are single-sided coated paper cups. (You can go to the market to watch, only the side that holds the water. There are PE coatings);

E. Double-sided PE coated paper: Paper with PE film on both sides of the paper is called double-sided PE coated paper;

F. Paper weight: refers to the weight of one square meter of paper

For example: 170 g / m2 (170 gsm);

G. PE weight: refers to the weight of PE coated on a square meter of paper; (generally 10-20 g / square meter) [Xi'an paper bowl]

H. PE coated paper weight: single-sided coated paper weight (base paper weight + PE gram weight); double-sided coated paper sheet weight (one side PE weight + base paper weight + the other side PE weight)

Paper plate tray:

A. Paper and paper tray raw materials: 100---1000 g/m2 (base paper, white paper, white cardboard, aluminum foil or other);

B. Shape and size of paper plates: square paper plates, round paper plates, shaped paper plates, etc.; 4--12 inch paper plates, paper trays;

Paper selection:

A. Determined based on market price, cost, size, and market positioning.

B. Paper cup quality: Regardless of the machine factor, the better and heavier the paper, the better the quality.

C. Market paper cup: commonly used 135---210 g single PE paper;

D. Advertising paper cup: commonly used 190---280 g single PE paper;

E. Export paper cup: commonly used 190---280 g double PE paper;
F. Market paper bowl: commonly used 160---220 g paper;

G. Instant noodle bowl: On the market, Master Kong, Uniform 100 and other instant noodle bowls, the inner bowl uses a single PE paper of about 250gsm, and the outer coat uses about 250gsm of gray-white paper.