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Paper bowls should pay attention to the printing process
- Jan 19, 2019 -

Today, Xiaobian will tell you a little knowledge! In the process of using the paper bowl, it is essential to print various advertising texts on the outside of the paper bowl. Then, let's look at what problems will occur during the printing process. What should we pay attention to?
First, we should pay attention to changes in pressure. Generally, the printing pressure has been adjusted during the trial printing process, but it may change due to various reasons.

1. Control the amount of ink that changes in pressure.

2. Control the change of pressure.

3. The printing pressure has changed.

Second, should pay attention to the change of equipment adjustment accuracy, in the printing process, the main parts of the printing press plate cylinder, impression cylinder, anilox roller, inking roller and various transmission gear, etc., due to various factors, it is possible The accuracy and adjustment accuracy of the machine are changed to affect the printing quality. In the process of printing the carton, the staff should observe the most timely to avoid these situations.

Third, pay attention to the changes in ink printing suitability. Printing is by ink and ink transfer through the printing plate, and then the pattern and image are reproduced by the color of the ink. The ink has a close relationship with the suitability of flexographic printing and the sharpness of the printed matter.

Fourth, pay attention to the change of the content of the auxiliary agent, the auxiliary agent as the adjusting liquid of the ink, or the substance which is relatively easy to be dissipated in the supplementary ink, plays an important role in the printing suitability of the ink in printing.