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Milk tea cup design and market flattening
- Jul 07, 2018 -

Customized tea cups have become the preferred means of publicity for tea shops. There are a variety of tea cups in the tea shop. How can you customize the tea cups when you customize the tea cups in the tea shop? You can start designing a custom tea cup from the following aspects.
Generally, we recommend that customers try to be as simple and uncomplicated as possible. Complex first: printing can't be printed, it's printed, and the printed effect can't achieve the effect you want. Second: sometimes try to make customers thicker The cup, this can not save a few dollars, customers can refer to some big brands, they will choose a thicker weight in the packaging tea cup, because the same milk tea, everyone the same price, the same milk tea raw materials, ( At present, only some of these milk tea raw materials are made in China.) Now, this milk tea is not cheap if you have a business. Instead, you can look at the Chinese market. The expensive business is good, because now China has entered a developing country. The news of several years has been reporting that tea is illegally added with chemicals, so customers will not be too convinced of this product of milk tea, so the major brands are erecting a healthy quality concept, and some are made into transparent operating areas to make customers more Intuitive to see. Another important thing is to work on the tea cup packaging. In fact, I have done milk tea very well, a cup of three or four pieces of milk tea and a cup of 10 cups of milk tea, the cost of raw materials will not exceed the cost of one yuan, so everyone chooses packaging products to pay attention to brand packaging, choose packaging plants, 1. Pay attention to whether there is QS certification, (this will be used for business licenses and health permits after opening this store.) 2. What is the positioning of this, high-end or low-end market goods, this has a big difference, Called a manufacturer of currency, to make high-end products, employees have become a currency, you want him to make a high-end market, and do not make any good products. Make two words of product: stable! Including the same as making drinks, to ensure the stable taste of each cup of products, this is to achieve a certain standard production in the factory. In this regard, Dongguan Feiyang Packing Products Co., Ltd. has been insisting on this, insisting on hiring Taiwan Taigan Management Factory, our company It is a Sino-foreign joint venture and continuously draws on advanced foreign management models. 3. To be a high-end product factory: we must have good machines. We have to change a batch of machines every five years, so that our products have always been in line with international standards. We use first-line brands in China, such as our sheet machines: It adopts Jincheng Die, the quality of the pulled sheet is good, the weight is stable, and it will not be less weight. The cup making machine of Dongguan Feiyang Packing Products Co., Ltd. has always used two rows of molds, and the quality of the cup is stable and the quality is good. , transparent high, which is why customers ask why I buy more at wholesalers than you, I will tell you: currency products are not quality, directly open three models, one model 6-8 one 18-24 A tea cup, we have 12 at a time, this is the quality, not the output, the quality is the quality, once the cup is doubled, everyone can think about the currency, we can only do more than one ton a day, the currency market Can do more than 3 tons, but this cost is much lower. When talking about a printing, we usually open 180 currency cups per minute to 250-280, this product, so each Parents who do not come to our quality, price for others. In addition, the market operation is more difficult to do. Our company will invest in two factories in Shantou and Chaozhou in the Mainland this year, and will return customers with the highest quality and lowest price.