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Long-term use of disposable paper bowls is harmful to the body! !
- Dec 22, 2018 -

With the accelerated pace of life, fast food culture has become the standard of modern society. Disposable chopsticks, disposable cups, and disposable paper bowls are all in our lives. However, what shocks us is that the long-term use of these disposable tableware will cause certain harm to our body. What is going on here? Let's take a look at what substances are at work!
First: In order to achieve the water-blocking effect, the disposable paper bowl will be coated with a polyethylene water-repellent film on the inner wall. Polyethylene is a relatively safe chemical in food processing. However, if the material selected is not good or the processing is not good, it may oxidize to a carbonyl compound during hot melt or application to the paper cup. The carbonyl compound is not volatile at normal temperature, but when the paper cup is poured into hot water, it may volatilize, so people will smell strange. Another kind of water-repellent substance, wax, will dissolve in water after more than 40 degrees, and long-term use is very unfavorable to the body.
Second: some paper cups made by some workshops look white and clean. In fact, this is because fluorescent whitening agents are added. Some disposable paper bowls can even touch talcum powder. These paper bowls are often used. Human health brings harm.

It can be seen that although disposable paper bowls, disposable paper cups and other items have brought great convenience to our lives, they have also laid a bane for our physical health. Therefore, Xi'an Yongquan Paper Container Co., Ltd. is now reminding everyone that in daily life, we must reduce the use of disposable items. At the same time, when selecting disposable items, pay attention to selecting products with good quality and full packaging.