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Is the disposable plastic cup as property natural, free of plasticizers, heavy metals and other harmful substances?
- Feb 01, 2019 -

Is the disposable plastic cup as "proper natural, no plasticizer, heavy metal and other harmful substances?" We contact the manufacturer. According to the manufacturer, the raw material for degrading plastic cups is the starch extracted from natural plants. After being fermented into yogurt by microorganisms, it is polymerized into a polymer material, polylactic acid, or PLA. It is said that this material is harmless to the human body and can be degraded in 3 to 6 months after being discarded, which is more environmentally friendly than petroleum plastics.

PET cups are commonly used in making coffee cups. Their transparency is relatively high. They are suitable for cold drinks, such as Starbucks and other chain stores. In addition, PET is used for beverage bottles. For example, Pepsi and mineral water bottles are made of PET. When hot water is installed, it will secrete substances harmful to human body such as bisphenol A. The commonly used disposable cup is made of PE material. The material is soft and not resistant to high temperature. It will become soft when it is filled with water. Long-term installation of boiling water may cause the plastic to decompose and produce harmful substances.
With the rapid development of China's economy, the increase in people's living standards and the increase in medical expenses caused by the aging of the population, the development of new drugs, the pace of reform of the medical security system and the expansion of medical insurance for urban residents, the plastics industry will continue to maintain The momentum of rapid growth. In addition, the quality and packaging varieties of China's plastic packaging materials are significantly lower than the international level.

In developed countries, plastic packaging accounts for 30% of the value of plastic products, while China is less than 10%. The next few years will be a period of rapid development of China's plastic packaging industry.