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Inferior paper cups are carcinogenic
- Jul 15, 2018 -

Inferior paper cups are carcinogenic
In order to achieve the water-repellent effect in the production of paper cups, a polyethylene water-repellent film is applied to the inner wall. Polyethylene is a safe chemical in food processing. It is difficult to dissolve in water, non-toxic and tasteless. The carbonyl compound is not volatile at normal temperature, but when the paper cup is poured into hot water, it may volatilize, so people will smell strange. Long-term intake of this organic compound is not good for health and even cancer.
In the national standard for paper cup quality, only microbes need to be tested, and no chemical substances have been detected, because such detection is very complicated and difficult. Some paper cups add a lot of fluorescent bleach to the product white because of the poor quality of the pulp, which is a carcinogenic risk. She suggested that disposable paper cups should not be used, such as using cold water to reduce the volatilization of harmful chemicals.

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