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How to use plastic cups correctly?
- Jan 28, 2019 -

As a messenger driving the development of the catering industry, plastic cups have a glorious mission! According to the market, the cup and lid of the plastic cup has an annual growth rate of 4.4%.

Beverages are an important source of income for restaurants, and catering operators are increasingly focusing on the launch of specialty beverages.

These factors will drive demand for high value cups and lids, such as paper cups, PET cups and specialty lids.

As more and more cities issue bans prohibiting or restricting the use of disposable expanded polystyrene products, restaurants are phasing out foam plastic cups for sustainable development, and the demand for higher-priced cups is also changing. Have to be enhanced.

Among the different cup types, the demand for packaging cups is growing faster due to consumption trends, as well as its own convenience and portability.
Plastic cups are the most common cups we have in our lives, and they are one of the types of cups we often use in our lives, but do you know? Plastic cups of different materials have different methods of use. The wrong use of plastic cups can cause great harm to human health and even cause cancer risk. Therefore, we should know how to use plastic cups correctly!

It is estimated that many people have asked questions about whether plastic cups drink well or not. In fact, it depends on whether you will use it or not. Take the plastic material of PC material and PP material, when we are using these two materials. The correct way to use the cups is to try not to use them to hold hot water, especially plastic cups made of PC.

PC plastic cups release a kind of harmful substance called bisphenol A when it contains hot water, which is very harmful to human health. Long-term intake of bisphenol A may cause the body to be carcinogenic, so When using plastic water cups of these two materials, we should use them to install cold water or normal temperature water!