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How to choose the quality of the paper cup?
- Dec 26, 2018 -

When you often use disposable paper cups to drink water, when you greet guests, can you quickly identify the quality of the paper cup? Let's take a look at Xiaobian!

Nowadays, the use of disposable paper cups is getting wider and wider. When people come to the house to be at home, in order to facilitate the hospitality, they usually use disposable paper cups to pour tea. Maybe everyone thinks this is more "hygienic", but everyone usually finds some paper cups. When the hot water is installed, it will emit some special strange smells, because this unpleasant paper cup will be coated with a polyethylene water-repellent film on the inner wall in order to achieve water-proof effect. Polyethylene is the safest chemical in food processing. It is difficult to dissolve in water, non-toxic and tasteless. However, if the material selected is not good, or the processing technology is not good, it may oxidize to a carbonyl compound during the hot melt or application of the polyethylene to the paper cup. The carbonyl compound is not volatile at normal temperature, but when the paper cup is poured into hot water, it may volatilize, so people will smell strange. Although there is no research to confirm how the carbonyl compound released from the paper cup will cause harm to the human body, what kind of malignant disease will be caused, but from the general theoretical analysis, long-term intake of this organic compound must be harmful to the human body. of. Today, I will teach you how to choose a good disposable paper cup.

First select a number of different brands of disposable paper cups that have not been used before.
Paper cup selection method / step

1. First, we must look at the name of the manufacturer, the QS mark and serial number, the address of the manufacturer, the product execution standard, the date of manufacture, and the expiration date marked on the product packaging. It is best not to buy packaging that is too inferior and too rough to print.

2. Secondly, choose a product with full shape, no wrinkle, a certain thickness, and not easy to be deformed. If the cup is too soft or the cup is torn, it is easy to break, and most of them are unqualified products. Try to choose a cup with a thick, stiff cup. When you buy it, you can use your hands to squeeze it on both sides of the cup. You can roughly know the stiffness of the cup.

3. Smell if there is any smell, if the open paper cup packaging tastes great, mostly because the manufacturer uses the inferior toxic ink.

4. When buying, don't be greedy with white paper cups. The white paper cups are likely to be added with fluorescent substances. It is not easy to be decomposed and removed. Accumulation in the body can endanger human health. According to the "new national standard", the cup mouth can not be printed within 15 mm from the cup body and 10 mm from the cup bottom, and the whole body cannot be printed.

5. Consumers must first look at their appearance when purchasing paper cups. Generally, the paper cup should be sealed in a plastic packaging bag. The packaging bag should not be damaged. The paper cup with less tight packaging is easily polluted by the environment, and the hygiene cannot be guaranteed.

6. Use a paper cup with a good cup and cup. Try to choose a thick, stiff paper cup. When selecting a paper cup, you can use your hand to squeeze it gently on both sides of the cup to get a rough idea of how good the cup is. Look through the outer packaging to see if the paper cup is white and the whole paper cup is neat and full. Second, we must look at the signs. The product packaging should indicate the name, address, product execution standard, production date, and expiration date of the manufacturer. Consumers should try to choose recent products because the shorter the storage time, the lower the degree of contamination of the product.