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How much do you know about the paper cup standard in the country?
- Jan 22, 2019 -

Today, Xiaobian gives a brief introduction to everyone, the national standard for the production of paper cups and paper bowls in the country. After the customer understands, you can also refer to the study to avoid being deceived.
Disposable paper cups, because it can facilitate people's daily life, one person can drink, can be thrown away after drinking, do not need to share with many people, so most people think that disposable paper cups are sanitary drinking cups, but do not know the paper cups are full of green Ink is a major hidden danger to people's health. Previously, the relevant departments have formulated a national standard for disposable paper cups, which stipulates that the cup should be printed within 15 mm from the cup body and 10 mm from the cup bottom; no fluorescent whitening agent should be artificially added; Use environmentally friendly inks, etc. The purpose is to protect consumers' drinking water health.

However, such an important national standard has been implemented for nearly a month. The disposable paper cups with various inks are still swaying in the mall. Even the internationally renowned catering company McDonald’s, which is considered to be more standardized, is still providing non-compliance with the national standard. Prescribed disposable paper cups.

After careful understanding, we found that we did not blame the enterprise. Originally, the national standard for disposable paper cups is only a recommended standard, and companies are free to choose whether or not to implement them. On the other hand, the National Standards Committee did not publicly introduce the standard content. Many consumers do not know that the country has issued a national standard for disposable paper cups. Even if it is heard, it is impossible to know the specific content from authoritative sources. It is no wonder that the impact of the new national standard on market consumption behavior is very limited. There is no mandatory requirement and no market pressure. It is no wonder that enterprises will turn a blind eye to the new national standard.

At the moment, disposable paper cups are widely used in homes, flats and restaurants. Many of the provisions in its national standard are related to the health of the people. For example, the ink may contain harmful components such as benzene, toluene, lead, mercury, arsenic, etc. The disposable paper cups printed by the ink are one set at a time. When used, the harmful components in the ink may enter the human body with water or beverage, affecting the body. health. How can such an important national standard be ineffective?

At present, there are more than one or two standards that are like the one-off paper cup national standard. From a certain perspective, how much companies value standards depends on the attitude of the relevant regulatory authorities. If you close the door to make it, cover it up, and then quietly put it on the shelf, then the scientific and meticulous standards can only be reduced to a piece of paper, which does not help.

Relevant government departments should coordinate the construction of laws, regulations and standards, and sue the standards, strictly supervise them, severely punish excessive standards, let standards penetrate the hearts of the people, deepen the production links of enterprises, and become the production norms that enterprises consciously implement, highlighting Its practical significance. At the moment, it is the critical period for the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry. The standard is the premise and foundation. Don't let the standard be ineffective.