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Explanation of the color difference of paper cup printing
- Jul 05, 2018 -

Customers often respond to prints with chromatic aberrations. There are two kinds of color difference, one is called normal color difference, and the other is called class color difference.
Paper cup printing notes:
1, the color displayed on the LCD computer, we all found that the color is different from all angles, so many customers think that the color they see, the effect of printing out, in fact, in a completely different color.
2, people who use computers now are LCD monitors, but if you go to the advertising company, the film company will know that they are all flat, why, the reason is that the LCD display is very different from the printing, there are many colors The display of the print is almost completely different, because the LCD display uses the RGB mode.
3, as little as possible four colors superimposed, if CMYK four colors superimposed, that stacked out, most of them are black, like the registered color, CMYK39393939, try to superimpose the two primary colors, if you must have four colors superimposed, the color requirements are relatively high, Please proof. The coloring sample is a method of printing by the way when printing a cup.
4, the paper used for paper cups is pockmark, the same as double-adhesive paper, and the copper plate printing is relatively light. On the copper plate printing, there is coating for reflection, so there are two kinds of color cards on the printing, one is C-side One is the U-face, the C-face is the glossy surface, and the U-face is the matte surface. The color printed on the paper cup will be dimmed because it is a pockmark, and there is no brightening on the coated paper. Therefore, when designing, it is better to design a brighter one, so that it feels better.
5, paper cups below 100,000 are all imposition production, because one version considers the color of each picture, it will also produce a little color difference, try to reduce the four-color composite color printing will reduce the chromatic aberration.

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