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Disposable paper cups are more environmentally friendly than glasses
- Jul 03, 2018 -

The traditional consciousness believes that the production of disposable paper cups requires deforestation, which is a waste of resources, damages the ecosystem and is not environmentally friendly. If there is a shared glass in the absence of a cup, there is a problem of disinfection. Glass disinfection requires the use of water in addition to disinfectant. There is also a problem of resource loss. As early as 1942, studies abroad have pointed out that the use of sterilized cups is 1.6 times the cost of using disposable cups. Do you think it is very unexpected?
The paper cups studied today were in foreign countries at the beginning of the 20th century. At the time, it was mainly for hygienic considerations to avoid cross-infection. This is also a hundred years. What makes everyone headache is that it is unclear whether all the paper cups are harmful to health or whether there are problems with the inferior products of bad merchants.
Generally, disposable cups are healthy and can be used as long as they meet the national QS standards. However, it does not rule out that paper cups produced by poor merchants using phosphors and inferior PE coatings have entered the market. Therefore, the purchase of paper cups must be purchased in large supermarkets, but also recognize the QS logo on the paper cup packaging.

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