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Can the paper cup be placed in the microwave?
- Jan 09, 2019 -

Disposable paper cups are divided into high temperature resistant and high temperature resistant. If they can withstand high temperature, there are signs on the bottom of the cup, but generally they are not resistant to high temperatures. So you can't put them in the microwave oven!
The heat resistance of paper cups and plastic cups is far from that of stainless steel cups or ceramic cups. It is generally only suitable for warm water or cold drinks below 60 degrees. If it is heated in a high-temperature microwave oven, it may release a lot of bisphenol A substances harmful to human health and dissolve into water or drinks to enter the human body. However, the information on the Internet that "paper cups are 30 times more dangerous than plastic cups" is not reliable.
Disposable paper cups and plastic cups are unconstrained water cups. Due to the quality and crafts of these two types of cups, there is still a lack of strict national standards in China, and the remaining standards are not mandatory, so many contain double The “problem” paper cups and plastic cups of phenol A or heavy metals and lead exceeded the flood. Since we can't control it, then we have to take prevention first. In the process of preventing the damage caused by unqualified cups, do not put a paper cup and plastic cup into the microwave to heat.