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Can I use a paper bowl to heat things in a microwave oven?
- Jan 19, 2019 -

In the winter, I often see the company's colleagues rushing into the company with breakfast, because the time is too late, the cold breakfast is heated in a microwave using a paper bowl, is this method desirable?
Try not to use a paper bowl to heat things in the microwave.
Because most of the paper bowls are not resistant to high temperatures, the heating speed of the microwave oven is extremely fast, and the control is not good, the temperature will be too high, the paper bowl will be soft and easy to burn. Too high, it will burn.
When the paper bowl is at a high temperature, it will infiltrate with the food, and it is inevitable that the unhealthy substance will penetrate into the food.
It is best to use ceramic bowls or microwave-specific containers to heat food, and some high-temperature glass containers are also available.